# FAQs

# What can I use CodeParrot for?

CodeParrot is an AI assistant which helps you code UI components 10x faster. It can also be used for other programming tasks like writing business logic, example API integration, e2e tests, refactoring and more.

# Does it support Angular / Vue / Tailwind ?

CodeParrot supports all major frameworks React/Vue/Angular/Svelte etc, libraries like Tailwind, styled-components and coding standards like in-line vs external css. See code generation settings for more details

# How to add / change Figma file?

Click the '+' button in the Design Explorer. You can find Design Explorer in left panel of vs code.

# I don’t have Visual Studio Code

Currently, we only support Visual Studio Code. We plan to add JetBrains in near future.

# Do you support Adobe Xd?

Currently, we support Figma Integration. We plan to add Adobe Xd Integration soon.

# My VS code version is not supported

We support VS code above 1.69.2, upto latest stable release. Kindly upgrade your VS code, if you are using an earlier version.